Branding Initiatives

Branding Initiatives

We believe that for the holistic growth and development of children, all stakeholders must work in tandem and ensure that all aspects of intellectual and psychosocial advancement are taken care of. In the contemporary scenario, a dire need to stay rooted to our cultural values and beliefs has been identified in children. Various initiatives have been taken to strengthen the school ethos and build a healthy connect with the parent community at large to accomplish this goal.

Let's Have A Conversation


Reaching Out

Care & Connect initiative has been launched by the school to reach out to parents and address the social, emotional as well as academic issues that children might face in their everyday lives. The creatives shared under this initiative offer valuable tips across different domains to students as well as parents, fostering a bond of trust, confidence and mutual collaboration. The intent is to enable children to look at the world from a unique and optimistic perspective and motivate them to constantly strive for excellence.

Lets have a conversation - Parents Vol 6
Effective Disciplining
Bridging the gap with empathy
Embarking on an enlightening voyage
Bringing on the sunshine
Obeisance to our BraveHearts
Reclaiming Freedom... Reclaiming Childhood...
Kindling the light of compassion
Be Money Wise For Life...
Let's turn the tide in our favour
Scripting our own Happiness
Little Acts of Kindness
Collective Prayers
The Healing Power of Words
Empowering the Genius within


Self Acceptance- The colour of Well-Being
Befriending The World Around Us

A series of momentous events and visionary leaders across history have shaped our society, culture and beliefs. For a well-rounded personality, it is important for our children to be acquainted with the wealth of knowledge, experience and traditions bequeathed to us. Creative posters, videos and podcasts are designed to familiarise students with our rich cultural heritage and to sensitise them to subjects of historical and social relevance.