School Clubs

In order to widen the experiential horizons of the students and to fan their creativity, the school encourages number of club activities. Each student is provided with gamut of options to choose from–

Artistic ImpressionMs Romina Sharma
Green AmbassadorMs Jyoti Sehgal
Tricks of MindMs Kavita Parihar
BibliophileMs Hemlata
Green AmbassadorMs Preeti Mehra
Artistic ImpressionMs Sheetal Salhotra
Tricks of MindMs Pooja Batra
Green AmbassadorMs Anuradha Kumar
Young LeadersMs Sapna Saxena
Good Will ClubMs Deepali Sharma
DIY ClubMs Rachna Malik
Good Will ClubMs Taruna Taneja
Green Ambassador ClubMs Anuradha Kumar
Young Leaders clubMs Sapna Saxena
Space ClubMs Gayathri
Consumer Awareness ClubMs Sudiksha Pabbi
Eco Warrior ClubMs Divya Grover
Safety ClubMs. Dipika Dutt
Face to Faith ClubMs. Rohini Gautam
VIRSAMs. Sony Devatwal
News and Broadcasting ClubMs Shruti Abrol

These clubs provide an organised, well planned and enjoyable space to our students to keep nurturing and polishing their interests and skills.