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Bal Bharati School Dwarka Hosted South-west District Rope Skipping Championship 2022


Divya Delhi,  Action India newspaper


Critical Insights In Teacher Magazine: An Endeavour Of Australian Council For Educational Research
School Principal, Ms. Suruchi Gandhi,  raised pertinent issues for implementation of Innovative Pedagogies in classrooms in an interview published on the website, a digital magazine published by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) from Melbourne, Australia.
School Principal shares key insights on the reopening of schools
The school Principal, Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, was an eminent panelist on reputed news channel, Good News TV. Shedding light on the importance of reopening of schools, Ms. Gandhi emphasised on the role played by educators and peers on the intellectual as well as socio-emotional growth of children. She also stressed upon the need to resume extra-curricular activities such as athletics, dance and art for the all round development of students. Given that a large section of students have received their vaccinations and safety measures are being stringently implemented across all institutions, reopening of schools must be made an urgent priority.
Good News TV (January 29, 2022)
The school Principal, Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, was an eminent panelist in the webinar 'Cervical Cancer Control: A Comprehensive Approach', held under the aegis of ASSOCHAM. While addressing the august gathering with representatives from UN, Cancer Foundation of India (CFI) as well as renowned medical practitioners, Ms. Gandhi highlighted the role of schools and educators in spreading awareness amongst students and parents on issues such as health and hygiene. A strong advocate of a well integrated sex education curriculum, she stressed on the need to sensitize learners about cervical cancer from a young age to strengthen a culture of immunization and prevention of the disease. Her invaluable insights helped broaden the horizon of social discourse on cervical cancer.
Child Education Society: A Soaring Saga of Success
The national daily, Hindustan Times, featured a story on Child Education Society, the apex body of the school. The school Chairman and President CES, Mr. Nikhil Channa, shared the noble vision of the founding fathers, along with the tremendous journey of growth of the reputed organization. Bal Bharati Public Schools, across the country, have acquired much renown for commitment towards providing holistic educational, world class infrastructure and facilities and their zeal to walk in stride with the times while remaining rooted in traditional ethos. With steadfast leaders and dedicated educationists at helm, the future promises to bear an even riper fruit.
Delhi HT (December 12,2021) 
A Leader Par Excellence
The reputed news publication, Times of India, recognised the novel vision and lauded the innovative practices introduced by the school Principal, Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, that won her the National Award for Teachers 2021.
Times of India (October 07, 2021)
BBPS ranks 2nd in Times School Survey 2021
The school continues to shine at Rank 2 in Times School Survey 2021, owing to its ceaseless endeavours to impart new age education through innovative pedagogies such as experiential learning, blended instruction and technology driven learning. With a strong thrust on academics, sporting activities, action for environmental protection and community service, the school has accrued numerous milestones, with educators and students winning national and international accolades. With a glorious repertoire of achievements, the school marches ahead as a hallmark of educational excellence.
BBPS ranks 2nd in Times School Survey 2021
A Powerful Moment of Glory
The school Principal Ms. Suruchi Gandhi received commendation from the Honourable President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, while being facilitated with the National Award for Teachers 2021.
A Powerful Moment of Glory
September 03, 2021 Dainik Jagran

Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, Principal, amongst the two educators from Delhi to receive the National Teachers' Award 2021.

National Teachers' Awardee: Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, Principal
 August 19, 2021 The Times of India

Ms. Suruchi Gandhi, Principal, amongst the two educators from Delhi to receive the National Teachers' Award 2021.

National Teachers' Awardee: Ms Suruchi Gandhi, Principal
June 16, 17,2021 India Today and Tez Channel

The school Principal, Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi, was a key speaker in panel discussions on national news networks, India Today and Tez Channel. She shared her views on the marks tabulation policy shared by CBSE for class XII, highlighting the student friendly nature of the measures undertaken. She lauded the mechanisms instituted to ensure fair results, including the moderation criteria and the grievance redressal system set up by the Board. Beyond marks, she encouraged students to rely on their skills and talent to make it big in life.

Panel discussions on National News Networks,  Tez Channel.


Panel discussions on National News Networks,  India Today Channel.



June 10,2021 Hindustan Times, Article The Pandemic has reminded us of the fragility of human life
June 01,2021 India Today

The school principal, Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi, was invited for a panel discussion on the cancellation of CBSE Board exams by the reputed national news network, India Today. Prioritizing the health and safety of the students, she lauded the decision of the government to scrap the examinations for class XII and shared her views on alternative modes of assessments. She dispelled the myth around the assumed significance of marks accorded in class XII and encouraged children to hone their life skills for a bright future. The interview further encapsulates her distinguished vision and insightful views on the topic.

Panel Discussion on the Cancellation of CBSE Board Exams
Article in Time of India (June 01, 2021) Food for thought: A clarion call for empathy and compassion 
Article in Times of India (May 18,2021) Let the Future Lead the Present (May 18, 2021)
Article in Times of India (May 17,2021) BBPS Dwarka redefines success- (May 17, 2021)
'Guruvani, Hindustan Times' (December 14, 2020) Our learners must be equipped to cope up with a rapidly evolving world (December 14,2020)


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