Implementation of NEP

Innovative Pedagogy at Best School in Dwarka

The speed at which our world is changing means that the abilities that students will require in the future are also changing quickly. As a result, education must equip students to handle these difficulties in the future. Learning at Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka is dynamic and energetic and the love for discovery and exploration progresses to a lifelong passion - “to strive for, to seek till and not to yield to!” The school nurtures a community of evolving learners by providing engaging educational experiences through progressive pedagogical practices. We firmly believe in delivering education that is focused on the needs of the child, and in light of this, we provide interactive and experiential learning opportunities.

Going Above and Beyond

We acknowledge the significance of holistic development in light of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and the recently enacted National Education Policy (NEP). Our curriculum, which is in line with these frameworks, emphasises multi-skilled, learner-centric activities that foster critical thinking, action-oriented skills, and value-based societal sensibilities. It also challenges teachers and students to go beyond their comfort zones and to stretch the limits of their knowledge and convictions. A practical, inquiry-based approach to learning is emphasised at the heart of the NEP-based curriculum. It aims to improve conversational, analytical, and problem-solving abilities. The students investigate, brainstorm, exchange ideas, and pose questions. A comprehensive curriculum with a broad range of activities fosters the development of well-rounded individuals. A robust and humane value system is ingrained in each student by the school and working together and acting morally even when "no one is looking" are the main priorities.

FLN (Financial Literacy and Numeracy)

Financial Literacy is an essential life skill that enables individuals to make informed decisions about managing their money. Introducing this as a subject in the curriculum for Primary Grades helped students develop a strong foundation in understanding money, saving, budgeting, and making wise financial choices.

Toy Pedagogy and Theatre in Education

Learning with toys can be more fun and can be used to promote experiential learning in interesting ways. Various activities like role plays, tableaux (both dialogue and frozen), mimes, storytelling and many more are being used which are motivating the students and providing a fun based learning to them.